Niche Dating

Internet dating has exploded over the past decade. There are an estimated 40 million+ singles, in the US, that have tried online dating. With most of these singles stating on or, with each of these sites have over 15 million users, it can make finding a compatible partner on one of these mega dating sites difficult.

This has led many to narrow their dating pool to others with similar interests. Niche dating sites are a great place to focus in on potential partners with like interests.

In fact, the majority of the over 1500+ dating sites are niche dating sites. You can find a site that will cater to just about any interest, fetish, religion, trait, or hobby. From bookworm to beauty queen and from stache lovers to sea captains it is highly likely you will find a dating site that geared to just about anything that trips your trigger.

The infographic below gives you some stats and information on the niche dating world. Use this as a quick guide to get started in the niche dating world and for even a bigger resource check out our dating website database with over 500 dating websites listed and growing. You can find it here at The Online Dating Database.



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Niche Dating Sites